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Windows 11 is here! All you need to know.

Like all fanboys, I too was quite excited for the launch of Windows 11, and don’t get me wrong, the launch was pretty good! But Microsoft, how could you not properly live-stream the most important event since 2015?

Nevertheless, Windows 11 looks promising and it looks like Microsoft finally have the chance to break the Good OS - Bad OS cycle now. Here are some of the key points from last night’s launch event:

A gorgeous new design

Windows 11 has gone through a major design overhaul and so far, it looks stunning! Microsoft has brought the Start button from the left to the centre, just like their macOS and chromeOS counterparts, and it looks awesome! Microsoft has also brought in new logos, better late than never. All apps now have rounded corners

Moreover, Microsoft has also revamped the Settings UI to make it look a lot cleaner and easy to access. There is also a redesigned ‘Action Center’ for quick access to certain settings and notifications in Windows 11. You have toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Battery Saver, Focus Assist, and other key settings baked in here.

The Redmond giant has also added a new “Snap Layouts” feature that makes it simpler for you to snap apps on your Windows 11 PC. You can now hover over the maximize button in apps to see the layout options, as shown below.

Windows 11 Widgets

The next big change in Windows 11 will have to be the new widgets panel. It is easily accessible from the new centred taskbar icons. It is a personalized feed that displays weather updates, the latest news curated to your liking, and more.

Android apps are coming to Windows

You read that right. There have been rumours for a while that Android apps might eventually make their way to Windows, and that’s now becoming a reality. You’ll be able to download Android apps right from the Microsoft Store. This is enabled via a partnership with the Amazon Appstore, which Amazon has traditionally used to bring Android to its Fire tablets and streaming devices while sidestepping Google services.

Devs Can Keep 100% Revenue!

Developers can use their own “commerce engines,” and Microsoft won’t take a cut; devs can even use their own payment systems if they want to. “Windows has always stood for sovereignty for creators,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Teams now directly integrated into Windows!

A new Teams icon in the taskbar lets you quickly initiate a chat or call with others; it basically looks much like any other messaging app. It’s a neat integration if you use Teams to talk with friends and family. I am a little sceptical though, as Teams is still primarily used for work and not personal use.

It’s a free upgrade

Thankfully, Microsoft isn’t using the version update to charge folks a fee to upgrade. If you’re running a very old pc and want to see if your PC is compatible with the new OS, you can download Microsoft‘s tool here.

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