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Galaxy Unpacked 2021 - What to Expect and What I Think

As a Samsung user myself, I’m very excited for Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, scheduled to be held on tomorrow, 11th August 2021. The event is going under the slogan “Get Ready to Unfold”. Whether or not you’ve been following the leaks, here are is a summary of what’s expected to be launched tomorrow. Let’s get into it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Added Stylus Support?

  • The Z Fold 3 is expected to be launched with a 7.6-inch primary display and a 6.2-inch secondary display.

  • It is expected to feature a triple rear camera with 12mp sensors, a 10mp selfie camera on the cover, and a 4mp selfie camera sensor on top of the display.

  • The Z Fold 3 also is expected to get support for the S-Pen.

  • It’s expected to cost Rs 1,35,000 in India.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Tweaked Design and Better Display?

  • As per a report by WinFuture.de, the Z Flip 3 is expected to feature a 6.7-inch primary display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and 8GB RAM.

  • The device is expected to have a 10mp front-facing camera and two 12mp sensors at the back.

  • It’s expected to cost Rs 79,999 in India.

I always love to see new flippable or foldable phones being released by Samsung or any other manufacturer. These innovations prove that we still have a lot to see in the phone industry. I wonder if Samsung will also introduce a rollable phone as Oppo did. The trio would become pretty interesting for the tech community.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

  • Samsung could introduce two models of the Galaxy Watch tomorrow. They’re expected to come in 1.36-inches and 1.19’ displays, with a 7-day battery (361 mAh or 247 mAh)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Will it be announced?

  • While we have seen a few renders of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, I personally think this particular device WILL NOT be announced until October, given the facts that

a) we don’t know quite a lot of details about the phone and

b) the S21 just hit the shelves a few months ago.

Where can I watch the event?

The Galaxy Unpacked event can be viewed on the official Samsung YouTube channel here.

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